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5 Tips for Making and Keeping Healthy New Yearís Resolutions

January 6, 2007
by Lianne Avila, MFT

If you are the type of person that has a difficult time keeping New Yearís resolutions, then this is the article for you!  These suggestions can help you make healthy and attainable New Yearís resolutions this year.
1.                 Donít abandon the idea of setting resolutions.  Maybe you have abandoned them in the past.  Donít be discouraged there is hope.  Simply modifying and setting fewer New Yearís resolutions may be the cure.
2.                 Do be realistic.  We all have unhealthy habits and trying to stop them all at once is a set up for failure.  Try cutting out one healthy habit at a time.  For example, if desert is one of your weaknesses then cut back and only have it once a week.
3.                 Do set resolutions based upon your own wishes, desires, goals and dreams.  This may seem obvious but most of the time people set resolutions based upon society or another personís expectations.  A resolution is bound to fail if it is not from your heart.
4.                 Do use the buddy system.  Share your New Yearís resolutions with friends and family and do lean on them for help.  Social support can be a great strengthener of motivation.
5.                 Do plan a reward for yourself.  When you meet your resolution, it is important to reward your hard work.  Make the reward something specifically for you and something that will help you revive.  Perhaps, a trip to the spa or buying those new pair of jeans that you just canít live without.
Most importantly, make your New Yearís resolutions fun.  These tips have helped me get through some tough years in my life.  My first year after Breast Cancer was the most challenging but after it there was a tremendous amount of self-growth, which led to positive changes.  Remember on of the best ways to prevent Breast Cancer is by making healthy choices and sticking with them.
I wish you all great success this New Year!
Lianne Avila, MFT
Breast Cancer Survivor

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