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Laughter is the Best Medicine
Walk for Hope
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A.R.M. Motivational Events
The purpose of A.R.M. Motivational Events,, is to give our youth inspirational, fun and energetic seminars. We believe our children need more than the basic fundamental education which is currently being taught in today's schools. Life lessons are often not addressed or even mentioned in the curriculum. We invite you to visit the A.R.M. website.
Emergency Cafe
Emergency Cafe - serving all your emergency preparedness needs! ARE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PREPARED? This is a one stop shop offering all the items you need to keep your family safe in the event of any emergency. We offer deluxe kits for your family, students, home, car and office. We also offer a selection of flashlights, extra food, water storage systems, hand crank radios and much more! It only takes one click to be prepared!!!
Visit us at .
P.M.S., Pamper Me Silly
At P.M.S., Pamper Me Silly, our mission is to remind women how beautiful and amazing they are and how vital it is to our health and well-being to make ‘ourselves’ a priority. Pamper Me Silly, has designed an entire collection of spa essentials, luxurious robes, comfy clothing, candles and much more. Along with our own PMS product line, we have found a number of amazing items that we are very excited to offer our customers. These products are very unique. Some are hand made, one of a kind and are only available on Indulge yourself and enjoy!
Mesothelioma Help
Lawyers provide information on pleural mesothelioma, peritoneal cancer and alimta and mesothelioma. Get legal advice from Texas attorneys Blumenthal & Gruber, LLP 
Just Because Originals
Looking for a comforting and inspirational gift for someone you love facing breast cancer? Preview The Angel Blanket Collection, our keepsake blankets made from soft velvets and vintage-inspired fabrics that you will not see mass-produced. These exquisite blankets are intended to provide endless comfort to any angel in your life, and will provide beauty and warmth to a friend or loved during treatment and for years after. Named for and inspired by special women, an Angel Blanket keeps on giving because Just Because Originals donates a percentage of each and every sale to extraordinary charities. Order one and include your own personalized message or select one of our inspirational quotes. Visit our website to learn more about The Angel Blanket Collection
Travel Security ID Wallet

The FlatterMe® Leg Pocket® provides a secure minded "for the Cure" event experience.  So, whether walking, running, climbing, riding, etc. "for the Cure", with the Pink Identity Theft Protection Security Wallet, participants will look great and feel better.

Lucky Stone Jewelry
Alison Graff started making Lucky Stone Jewelry as a therapeutic hobby after her most recent battle with cancer. Her friend and fellow survivor introduced her to Lucky Stones and she's been wearing them close to her heart ever since. She's lived on the shores of Lake Erie for more than 20 years and while walking the beach with her dogs, she collect nature's beautiful treasures. One of the hardest to find are Lucky Stones. Crafted from unique ear bones, or Otoliths, of the Freshwater Drum Fish and prized as "Lucky Stones," these Gems of Nature have been worn as Good Luck Charms & Amulets believed to bring good luck, health and well being dating back to Aristotle.
Life Cycle Health Center
The Life Cycle Health Center provides holistic therapies based on natural healing traditions--especially Chinese medicine--that take account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). Their multi-disciplinary practice is staffed by some of the best-educated, most experienced, and dedicated licensed acupuncturists and healing arts practitioners in their fields. They welcome anyone seeking quality holistic care.
They are located in the Los Angeles area.

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