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About Pink-Link

Cancer is a club you didn't ask to join. But it happens and, in one diagnosis, the earth beneath your feet shifts.

When you join Pink-Link (it's free!), you are instantly linked to a network of fellow survivors, family members, medical pros and others who, in essence, become your "pen pals" via our website. 24/7, we are here for each other.

Ask questions, share experiences, dig for information, give a resource, help each other through rough spots. JOIN FREE and we welcome you!

Pink-Link supports women currently being treated for Breast cancer

The Pink-Link Breast Cancer Support Network provides valuable community and support resources for women currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The minute you were diagnosed with Breast Cancer, you became a survivor! We want to help you establish a healthy survivorship during and following your treatment. We understand that the support you need goes beyond what your doctor, friends and family can provide.

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Pink-Link supports Breast cancer survivors who have completed their treatment

We understand that the support you need is ongoing. It doesn't go away when the cancer goes away. Through our online database, we connect you with other breast cancer survivors who've been through your same situation, or something very similar.

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Friends and family of breast cancer patients and survivors

The Pink-Link Breast Cancer Support Network provides valuable community and support resources for friends and family of women affected by breast cancer. We understand that as a caring member of your loved one's support network, you also have needs.

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Breast cancer medical community

Pink-Link provides a unique support network for breast cancer patients and survivors, as well as the family, friends, medical community, and other caretakers of breast cancer patients and survivors. If you're a breast cancer patient or survivor who is also a member of the medical community, Pink-Link provides a place for you to get and receive advice from others in your similar situation.

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Donate to Pink-Link breast cancer support

Pink-Link can't do it without you! Your donations provide the support breast cancer patients, survivors, friends and family need. Right now there is nowhere else they can go to get the specialized and unique breast cancer support that Pink-Link provides.

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