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Pink-Link supports the breast cancer medical community


Pink-Link provides a unique support network for breast cancer survivors, as well as the family, friends, medical community, and other caretakers of breast cancer survivors.

If you're a breast cancer survivor who is also a member of the medical community, Pink-Link provides a place for you to get and receive advice from others in your similar situation.

If you are a doctor, researcher, survivor-advocacy group, or other breast cancer service provider, Pink-Link is a useful resource for your breast cancer survivors who are struggling to manage their lives during and post breast cancer treatment. We can mail you free brochures to be included in any gift bag you may give out to your patients.
Please click here to request brochures. Don't forget to include your mailing address.

As a breast cancer survivor who is also a member of the medical community, you have the unique opportunity to connect with other women affected by breast cancer and to support and mentor other breast cancer survivors who can benefit from your expertise. Your experience and advice is invaluable to breast cancer survivors who need a little extra support outside of their normal caretakers. And you may gain more insight into your own healing while feeling good about giving support to someone else. Our online database of breast cancer survivors creates an intimate and personal link between you and your contacts. These relationships provide the essential on-going support needed for a healthy survivorship.

As a breast cancer service provider you know that millions of breast cancer survivors require customized support. But where can they find it? Pink-Link is a free service that can fulfill the special needs of breast cancer survivors. You can help these women by giving them a place to go for intimate support so that they don't face the issues and struggles of breast cancer on their own.

By connecting with other breast cancer survivors, mentors and health professionals, you can find the support you need. You can find emotional and practical support or just someone to talk to who intimately knows what you're going through.

Pink-Link breast cancer support services are completely free and designed to give you the particular, targeted support you need from the comfort of your own home.

The power of people facing the same issues helping each other can make life a little easier and help you to face your breast cancer needs with increased knowledge and confidence.

Give it a try today. Register today for free and find someone that understands what you're going through.

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