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Here are a list or breast cancer resources the Pink-Link team personally endorses. If you have a suggestion for the breast cancer resources page, please contact us here and we'll be happy to review your recommendation.
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Pink Ribbon Products and Bracelets
Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Address Labels
Pink Ribbon Products and Bracelets
The goal with Breast Cancer Bracelets has been to look at breast cancer news & the serious issues that surround the disease with a light hearted approach, focusing on celebrities who support the cause, fun breast cancer fundraising events and especially to help others discover pink ribbon products with a purpose. There are several organizations out there that ask people to “Think Before You Pink” – when shopping for pink ribbon products for breast cancer awareness. We find and support companies who detail their donations or specify proceeds from every product goes to breast cancer awareness organizations and research foundations, and pass that information on to our readers. Occasionally, that information may not be available or provided, but we link to the product because it is a cute or original item which might offer a breast cancer patient or survivor comfort in another way. is doing its part in the fight against breast cancer, a portion of every purchase made from this Pink Ribbon Store goes to the charity of your choice. Choose Pink-Link as your charity and have fun shopping and donating at the same time! Mention "PinkLink" in the comment and receive a 10% discount.
Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Address Labels
Address labels printed with the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon graphic and personalized with your own information in black. Profits donated to breast cancer research and awareness organizations.
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