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In Pursuit of Par – The Golfer’s Edge

November 5, 2008
by R. Toddy Jadoo

What does a golfer need most to perform his/her best game? New shoes? The best irons? A great swing? A brand named golf course? All of the above?

To execute a perfect swing a golfer must have oxygen-filled muscle groups. This means lean, pliable, flexible muscle groups especially in the core (abdominal muscles). This will power muscles for the duration of the game

Tight muscle groups are as detrimental to a golfer’s scores as playing with a broken arm

A golfer uses 32 muscle groups for each swing with the core being the powerhouse. Muscle groups must go the distance (full range-of-movement) and re-power quickly to go the distance (generate the same energy from the 1st hole to the 18th hole).  

Each swing requires 9 different body positions all of them out of the normal anatomical position. If a golfer’s scores at least 90, he/she is educating his/her muscle groups to perform this action at least 810 times in a 4-hour period resulting in extremely tight muscles from muscle memory!  

Muscle memory while so important for a golfer is also the biggest hindrance to his/her scores!

5 Crucial tips for a golfer

  1. Build lean muscles. Bulky muscles prevent the movement required to swing effectively. Find a trainer who is knowledgeable in exercises geared to building golfer’s muscles.  
  1. Stretching exercises and bodywork should relieve tightness in MUSCLE GROUPS. Muscle memory is created in muscle groups (front and back) therefore flexibility is a must for both front and back muscle groups.  
  1. Bodywork should address injury-prone areas. Right-handed golfers are injured in different areas than left-handed golfers. Make sure your bodyworker/trainer knows your injury prone sites.  
  1. Water! Water! Water! Lack of water in muscles causes major tension. Golfers need flexible, pliable, oxygenated muscles to perform well. Hydration is key to a successful game!  
  1. Your torso length can influence the outcome of your game. Don’t just rely on technology or your golf club; use YOUR body to maximize accuracy in your swing.



R. Toddy Jadoo created Torso Factor® Par Advantage. For the past 12 years she specialized in Muscle Memory therapy® for golfers so they can play their best game. For more information visit us at or email her at

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