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Celebrate in Pink Partyware

September 11, 2009
by Vicki Tashman

Kathy McEvoy is the founder of Celebrate in Pink, LLC. She is a 4-year breast cancer survivor. Read her story here.
"In June 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was a life changing event for me. Up to this point in my life I was a successful executive in corporate America dedicated to corporate America. My diagnosis was a wakeup call for me to realize that I was missing out on my life and what I wanted to do with it. At the same time I felt the overwhelming desire to give back, especially to those women undergoing breast cancer treatment who were less fortunate than I.  

It wasnít until June 2007 when I had my ah ha moment that lead to Celebrate in Pink. Along with family and friends, I participated in my first major breast cancer walk and wanted to celebrate with a luncheon afterwards. To my surprise I couldnít find pink ribbon theme partyware anywhere and felt that women deserved to have a beautiful way to celebrate and show support for a great cause at the same time. Itís been a long journey of love to bring this one-of-a-kind collection to women everywhere, but one I am most proud of. I donít think it was a coincidence that when I went looking for pink ribbon celebrationware it was nowhere to be found; I believe this is where my journey was meant to take me. 

You can order Celebrate in Pink celebrationware at or call 888-314-PINK

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