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Helpful products Announcements

The Breast Cancer Journey Planner

December 4, 2008
by Vicki Tashman

At last, an easy to use, comprehensive organizer to help women deal with the immense challenges of a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan. Packed full of indispensable resources and worksheets including: helpful advice, questions to ask your medical providers, an appointment calendar, journaling pages, a glossary of terms, financial resources, and much more. The 3-ring binder has pockets to store and organize information and fits in most purses, making it easy to take to doctor your appointments. The author created the organizer based on her first-hand experience as a cancer survivor and counselor to cancer patients.

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ReForma: A lifelike nipple prosthetic is finally available!

July 28, 2008
by Marsha Adams

Hi, I'm Marsha Adams, a breast cancer survivor. I've had a mastectomy with breast & nipple reconstruction ... and personally understand the need and desire for the ReForma nipple prosthesis. I wish this product had been available years ago. I wear them, and am thrilled to finally have something that looks and feels so natural and realistic. There is no other nipple on the market that can compare to ReForma!

I want to share this solution with my sister survivors, so I am representing the ReForma product line.

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Breast Self-Exam Kits

December 12, 2007
by Pinkster

How to have confidence doing your own breast exams. 

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The Mind-Chemo Connection

October 13, 2007
by Catherine Stasio, Dylan Bird and Daniel Tinker

    I have to admit; at first I was grateful when the surgeon performing my double mastectomy put her hand on my shoulder in a consoling gesture and said, “Don’t worry. I know it feels bad right now, but believe me, one day you’ll forget about all this.”  Truth be told, since hearing my clinical diagnosis, there have been countless things that I wouldn’t mind erasing completely from my memory banks.  

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Using Skin Markers in Mammography

May 3, 2007
by Mary Lang, Beekley Corporation

Skin Markers provide a simple and effective way to help identify moles, scars and other features that might be confused with suspicious lesions in mammography.  Use of skin markers in breast imaging aids the communication of these features between the technologist, who performs your mammogram and the radiologist, who interprets it.  Facilities who have adopted this system report a reduction in the instances where they need to perform extra views on a patient or call a patient back for additional imaging.


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Free subscription to the BreastCancerWellness Magazine

February 3, 2007
by Beverly Vote, publisher Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine

The Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine is the only FREE breast cancer wellness magazine in the country.  To receive your free copies, send your complete mailing address to

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The Precious Gift of Femininity

January 7, 2007
by Diane Rockerhousen ,

Femininity is deeply embedded within the nature of all women.  Our public persona is shaped by a multitude of outside influences, absorbed, then processed through our feminine filter to create who we are. Because women are complex they have the ability to express how much or how little of their femininity they wish to display. Our femininity can be challenged in many different ways, but one threat common to all women is breast cancer.  

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