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May Featured Member

May 4, 2009
by Vicki Tashman

Kelly Henderson, mother of two and founder and owner of, has been making lemonade from lemons for many years. In addition to surviving what the current economy has thrown her way, she has also survived cancer.

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March 2009 Featured Member

March 6, 2009
by Elisa Hunziker

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 45 years old, I was a wife,  mother of two, ages 6 and 10,  and a business owner.  My kitchen was as traditional as Main Street USA. 


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Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation

December 4, 2008
by Vicki Tashman

Pink-Link member, Benaz Shidfar, founder of the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, works to empower cancer survivors to heal, and transform their fear and suffering to peace, freedom and joy of living.  
For the past five years, through our nonprofit organization we have continued to do what it takes, to reduce the pain and suffering of those who have to deal with cancer. What we do is to visit patients and health care facilities, empathize, give, talk, teach, and mostly…listen. 

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Carol Fisher, creator of Tube EZ

December 4, 2008
by Vicki Tashman

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2005.  I opted to have a mastectomy  and a temporary implant. After surgery I had two drain tubes.  The drain tubes are connected to a collection bulb.  The collection bulb comes with a  safety pin so you can pin  to your clothing.  I had an uncomfortable and awkward experience with the drain tubes.  I never knew what to do with them.  In the shower, I tried an ace bandage and a terry cloth robe belt. So, I came up with a solution!

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September 2008 Featured Member

September 7, 2008
by Vicki Tashman

Hi! My name is Lesa and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on June 22, 2007. I have undergone 2 biopsies, 1 mastectomy, several chemos, radiation and am still doing Herceptin and have started the usual 5 year stint on Tamoxifen. Breast reconstruction is on the calendar for 2009. 

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Knots of Love

June 4, 2008
by Debbie Hart

            I had always heard bad things came in threes, and the day I found out I had breast cancer I was sure it was true.  It had certainly become the worst year of my life. After going through a rough divorce and a bad couple of years, I thought my world had turned around when I met and married Steve.  Life was finally going well, and we were planning an open house at our new home to celebrate our few months old marriage when my world caved in.


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Life as a Survivor

May 13, 2008
by Vanessa Echols

Cancer certainly changes your life forever.  And it also forces you to think about what you're going to do with your life as a survivor.
      My name is Vanessa Echols.  I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer on February 23, 2004.  My treatment included six months of chemotherapy, a mastectomy and 30 radiation treatments.  And it all played out in public.  My career is in television news.  I anchor the morning and noon newscasts at WFTV Channel 9, the ABC affiliate, and another morning newscast at WRDQ Channel 27, both in Orlando, Florida.

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Kathy's Story

May 12, 2008
by Kathy Lassen, Pink-Link member

I am a breast cancer survivor with a compelling story that I want to share with women who undergo breast augmentation each year.  It is my wish to fill the knowledge gap that exists about breast augmentation and breast cancer diagnosis.


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A [Emerald] Dream Come True

February 19, 2008
by Paula Eakins - Huntsville, AL

My Christmas day surprise was unique in deed! Read more 

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Financial Security

December 12, 2007
by Sandy Nickler, Realtor

As a breast cancer survivor I know how this disease not only changes us, but how it effects everyone close to us. In April 1997, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. I was immediately scheduled for a radical mastectomy followed by five months of chemotherapy. I thought cancer would bring my husband and I closer together. I had no clue it would change our relationship for the worse.


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Improve your Health and Donate to Pink-Link

December 8, 2007
by Anna Gioia

I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor and the chemotherapy left my body highly toxic even though it saved my life!! Four months ago I started a Nutritional Cleansing program and to date I lost 35 pounds and 43 inches!! By cleansing and nourishing my body with the Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing & Fat Burning System, I have a new-found energy and enthusiasm, increased mental clarity and a body in better balance!


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October Featured Member

October 14, 2007
by Priscilla DiBlasi

I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Caner in August of 2005.  It is a very rare form of Breast Cancer.  It is the most aggressive of all Breast Cancers. However, I am happy to report that the prognosis for us has gone up dramatically within the last few years

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September 2007 Featured Member

September 9, 2007
by Marilyn Van Houten, RN, MS, CDMS, CCM

My journey into the unknown started in May, 2005. After a long day at work as the owner and consultant of a small case management company in Miami, I attended my water aerobics class and swam some laps. I did this often, not only for the exercise, but to de-stress after a hectic day spent managing 30 case managers and tackling an assortment of duries. To further enhance the day's workout, my water aerobics instructor suggested I do some pull-ups using a started block in the pool. Right by my side, she urged me on despite my protesting body and futile attempts to quit. Needless to say, it was quite a workout. 

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It’s Not a Rash

May 3, 2007
by Nancy Bento

In November of 2005 I noticed the nipple of my breast was pink.  It appeared to have an open sore on it and it oozed some light red discharge. I used some over the counter ointment and it turned into a crust.  They happened over and over and each time I used ointment.  When I mentioned it to close friends they told me it was just a rash or something and to “get over it”.


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April Featured Member

March 26, 2007
by Carolyne Williams

I was diagnosed in January, 2007 with a borderline low grade malignant phyllodes tumor.  The tumor measured 7.5 cm in its widest section.  It was a very fast growing, bulky, moveable mass in my left breast.  The only symptom was a rapid increase in breast size, where I went from an A cup in my left breast, to a B cup.   I put off seeing a doctor about it for 3 months, because I was hoping it would just go away, or that it was normal breast growth.   After 3 months however, it started becoming very painful and very hard, similar to the feeling of a breast implant gone wrong.

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March Featured Member

March 5, 2007
by Jane Pichette

My name is Jane Pichette. I live in Maine, in a log cabin on forty-five acres. I am almost fifty years old, have a wonderful, gorgeous husband ten years younger than me, three kids and five beautiful grandkids. I love yoga, motorcycles, tattoos, lying on the beach in Aruba, and gardening. Here is my story.

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January 2007 Featured Member

December 25, 2006
by Louise Thoman

Hearing a diagnosis of cancer is always a blow - BUT

it need not be devastating.  Cancer treatment, at this time, has come such a long way, is so advanced, is so individualized.  Gone are the days of

“one size fits all”................


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December Featured Member

November 29, 2006
by Anna

You are not alone … We will survive Breast Cancer!

My name is Anna, I am a breast cancer survivor! What I write is straight up and personal and from deep within. I want to share my experience in the hope that I may make it easier on others who can relate and that they are not alone!

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