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I completed radiation treatment last March & was advised to begin Tamoxifen.  However, I tried it twice & was having palpitations & pain in & around my eyes so I decided to stop.  Anyone have any thoughts on Tamoxifen, good or bad?  Thanks!

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Hi, Melissa:

I chose not to take it. One huge reason for me was that we have a strong family history of stroke. So I use natural methods to manage my estrogen receptors. I take a supplement called Brevail, as well as a supplement called Protective Breast Formula.

It's a tough and important decision for each of us, and I respect that others may feel fine about Tamoxifen.



Thank you for the input Lisa.  I will do some research on the Brevail supplement.   It's good to know there are other options out there because I've spent alot of time researching Tamoxifen & still am not sure I made the right decision to not take it.  Take care all & stay well! 

Hello Lisa,

I cannot relate to the Tamoxifin, but I took Arimidex & had the same symptoms, the palpitations & felt like I was losing my thinking pattern.  Femara was the next drug for me and it has been almost a year since starting that drug.  Have had tremendous results with that.  The 2nd tumor has shrunk to almost nothing and all blood results are showing great results.  I hope your Dr. finds the right med for you.  There are many options today.


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