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Here are a list or breast cancer resources the Pink-Link team personally endorses. If you have a suggestion for the breast cancer resources page, please contact us here and we'll be happy to review your recommendation.
Pink Ribbon merchandise Resources
Survivor Poster
Hug A Survivor
Pink Wings
Survivor Poster
Survivor Posters celebrate the best in every survivor! These wonderful customized posters feature 20 famous breast cancer survivors with a space in the middle reserved for the most famous breast cancer survivor of all: YOU! Perfect as a gift for the survivor in your life, a Survivor Poster is the most unique item you will ever give. Imagine you or your friend on a poster with Sheryl Crow, Sandra Day O'Connor, Peggy Fleming and more! Visit our website at:
Hug A Survivor
You've often had her arms around you and now it's time for you to add your strength to hers.Give the gift of a soft, cuddly Hug and let her know you're there with her, no matter what. Visit
Pink Wings
Please visit, where you'll find a wide variety of Breast Cancer/Pink Ribbon Awareness Products including: original pink ribbon Pins, T-Shirts, Scarves, Pendants, Prayer Boxes, Hats and tanks. By purchasing Pink Wings products you are making a difference by showing support and awareness of Breast Cancer. A minimum of 20% of net proceeds are given to Breast Cancer Organizations.
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