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Tools and Tips from the Trenches

November 28, 2006
by Vicki Tashman

The one thing that everyone agrees on is that the earlier you know you have breast cancer, the better your chances of fighting it. 

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Pink-Link and Scrapbook Safari

September 23, 2006
by Vicki Tashman

Pink-Link, Scrapbook Safari and Westfield Malls held their 1st annual Scrap’n Support event to help raise money for Pink-Link.We had 82 participants scrapbooking for an amazing 24 hours at the Westfield Promenade Mall located in Woodland Hills. Our paricipants raised over $39,000! We will be using these funds to reach out to women across the United States and spread the word about Pink-Link.We had over 100 raffle prizes to give away as well as a special jewelry raffle.

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The Cancer Chronicles

September 21, 2006
by Dr. Wendy Harpham

Seven recurrences over two decades have given Dr. Wendy Harpham a lot to say about surviving cancer.


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Excerpts from

March 30, 2006

….Most of us can’t do much to find a cure for breast cancer. We can write a check or take a fund-raising walk, but we’re not the ones in the la working with vaccines and genes or coming up with new theories of detection that might make the mammogram seem archaic. What we can do- whether we’re looking back on a cancer experience, helping someone else through a cancer experience, or living through the horror right this minute – is tell our story. Stories help. Stories heal. Your story might be the very thing that saves someone’s life or helps them get through the night. It might be the only thing that brings you a measure of peace.

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The Power of Healthy Survivorship

October 27, 2005

The introduction of the term "survivor" was instrumental in helping transform cancer patients from silent victims of their disease to vocal participants in their care. With the power of words, "Survivor" helped lift the shroud of secrecy surrounding "the big C" and has helped patients and their loved ones focus on life not death, hope not despair, and power not victimization.

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Lotsahelping Hands helps breast cancer patients in need

October 6, 2005

Lotsa Helping Hands is a free online service that provides a simple, immediate way for friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to assist breast cancer patients in need of meal delivery, rides, and other assistance. The online service has an easy-to-use, private group calendar, specifically designed for organizing helpers, where everyone can pitch in to accomplish the tasks necessary for life to run smoothly during a crisis.

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