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Donna Johnstone

What is your kinda of Normal now??

I chose not to do the support groups offered here.  I found my lump last year on 26 May so the one year mark is coming up quickly. I had so much crap going on when all this happened that I didnt have time to process what was actually going on.  I have not spoken to anyone about this experience cause I didnt want to add to my stress.  I know that sounds stupid now.  I left my husband on 20 May last year and was sleeping on my best friends couch.  6 days later I found a lump went for a mammogram 1 week later and was diagnosed a few days after that. 2 days later our house sold!! so I had to run around and try to buy a condo in between all the appointments!  I couldn't process everything! My surgery was on 14 Jul and I moved into my new house on 6 Aug!!! Thinking back now its amazing how we can do all this stuff with out breaking!  I was diagnosed with Stage 3 IDC with lymph node involvement.  They took 19 and it was in 14.  I'm done my chemo, radiation and now back to work full time. Now I am starting to process all this and cam across this website. uggggggg what a year!!!  I need to start getting back to normal but I have no idea what my normal is anymore.......sooooo much has changed!!!

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You are a new survivor.  I can't tell you what "Normal" is.  I live each day to the fullest.  Everyday is a new day with a new sunrise.  You have a job that must keep you very busy.  I do not work anymore and basically am free to do whatever.  Traveling is something of great enjoyment that I do as often as I can.  Spend a lot of time at home taking care of my husband & two miniature dachshunds.   The last ten years that I worked I was very sick and really didn't know what was wrong.  Now, I am so glad that I don't have to get up and go to a job anymore.


Normal may be just different for everyone.  There are really no set rules for living.  Do enjoy each day as you can allow yourself to.  I hope you find a way to process everything.  Things happened so fast for me & was back to feeling good & then wham it is like I woke up & said what am I suppose to do now!  Eventually I found my way and almost felt like I had a whole new life to live.  One of things I remember was, I didn't want to waste any more time.  Wanted everything to count and so that is what I have done.  Yes, so many things change.  In fact my whole outlook on life has changed!

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