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Boobalooza- Breast Cancer Awarenss Benefit

April 1, 2009
by Niah Soult, friend of a SURVIVOR

BOOBALOOZA: "so we don't looza no mo' boobza!"
Boobalooza was founded by my friend, Whitney Praska, who was 24 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only did her young age alarm me, but also the fact that her gene-testing concluded her cancer was caused by something she was exposed to in her environment.

It was not long until Whitney had answered the question as to why this happened to her at such an early age. She knew not only did she have an answer, but she now had a mission- to spread awareness.

Most women are not advised to seek Mammograms as a part of their physical care, until they reach age 40, but as we see in Whitney's situation and others alike, early detection saves lives, and it is vital that we perform self-breast exams and be aware of the changes in our bodies. But it shouldn't end there, we must also elevate our consciousness as to what we are putting into our bodies.

BOOBALOOZA is a unique cancer-fighting coalition based in Lexington, Ky aimed at raising awareness, educating, inspiring, and raising money for reputable organizations who are making advancements towards the cure.

In 2008, we held our first cancer awareness benefit which brought the community together through art, music, food, and most importantly- life-saving knowledge. We raised over  $6000 for the American Cancer Society   by way of a silent and live art auction, raffles, corporate sponsorships and event t-shirt sales.
When I asked Whitney why she chose the ACS for our benefactor, she replied, "obviously cancer is non-discriminatory, and I don't want to exclude anyone dealing with cancer, no matter what the type."

As Boobalooza approaches its 2nd Annual Art Auction, we hope to double the amount for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Last year we focused on Early Detection Education, and this year we will be mirroring Whitney's journey in healing with a special dedication to "creating a body where cancer can't live". To help with our emphasis on wellness-living we have invited local farmers/growers, clean water advocates, water-shedding and composting demonstrators to educate our guests with tools for living carcinogen-free.


SATURDAY, MAY 30TH 2009, 1-5P
112 Mt. Tabor Rd 40517
(located in the Pieratt's Shopping Center behind Lee's Famous Recipe off Richmond Rd)

To learn more on how to join efforts on a fight for a cure, visit

We  hope that all survivors, friends and family will save the date and make it out to the event.
Feel free to contact us for any information.

Whitney Praska:

Niah Soult

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