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Real Rhode Islander Calender

August 11, 2008
by Gail Gutierres

     My name is Gail Gutierres.  I am a seven year Breast Cancer Survivor from Rhode Island.  I was recently chosen to appear in a calender where the profits will be going to breast cancer research.  There is a plumbing company in RI that is owned by the Gemma Family.  Their mom passed away from breast cancer and they have started o research foundation in her name, The Gloria Gemma Foundation.  A local woman. Stacey Caputi, thought of a WONDERFUL idea to host a search for people who are Real Rhode Islanders and have a calender done to raise funds for the Gloria Gemma Foundation. One of the questions on the application was if you or anyone you know had been effected by cancer.  There are two calenders one of men and one of women.  They will be coming out in September and will be sold for $20.00 each.  I was so happy and honored that I was chosen to be in the calender because I feel that cancer is a disease that effects EVERYONE and should be represented by REAL people.  Out of the 30 people chosen for the calenders (it is a fifteen month calender) there are four of us who are survivors.  The whole experience was very rewarding and lots of fun! I thought it would be nice to share something we are doing in Rhode Isalnd for the cause!!

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