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November, 2009

November 9, 2009
by Vicki Tashman

Unfortunately many breast cancer patients don't have the opportunity to participate in physical therapy and consequently miss out on the many benefits of gentle exercise. But now these patients have access to a simple, affordable home exercise kit specifically designed to regain and maintain upper body conditioning. The RangeMaster Shoulder and Breast Kit from Therapeutic Dimensions includes therapist designed exercise equipment and simple, easy-to-follow instructions to stretch, strengthen and restore range of motion to the breast and shoulder complex.


A growing body of research now shows gentle exercises during and after cancer treatment are safe and beneficial in eliminating or reducing upper limb impairments common in breast patients and those with chemo ports. A comprehensive study in the August 13th New England Journal of Medicine even found that exercise was safe for breast patients at risk for lymphedema, concluding that slowly progressive resistance exercise did not increase limb swelling, decreased incidences of lymphedema episodes, reduced symptoms, and increased strength.


The easy-to-use therapist designed tools and exercise guide in the RangeMaster kit provide an excellent way for patients to get started on a structured program at home. Thousands of RangeMaster tools and guides are currently in use across the country in hospitals, doctors' offices, rehabilitation centers and physical therapy facilities, and now they are available to cancer patients for home use.


To learn more about the RangeMaster Shoulder & Breast Kit or to order this unique product, visit the RangeMaster website. If you are a medical professional, please call 509-276-5990, 888-823-9275, or contact our Oncology Director at for product pricing and more information.


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