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I Can Make a Difference!

June 4, 2008
by Beverly Vote

The theme for the fall special issue of The Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine is "Yes, I Can Make A Difference!".

You are invited to share how you make a difference in the world or how someone has made a difference for your healing quest. We each make a difference, every single one of us, and each caring act is no less important than any other. The more we acknowledge how we make a difference, the more we bring awareness how we each help each other within our communities, within our environment, and within our world. Awareness is a vital key to moving forward to build a world without breast cancer.

Please feel to submit your own experiences and invite others to submit their experiences.

This invitation is open to individuals, businesses, organizations, doctors, nurses, neighbors, volunteers, cancer centers, mastectomy fitters, as well as all others.

Articles are to be between 50 and 150 words and must be received by July 15 and are to be submitted with your high resolution color photo. No late submissions will be accepted.
Please submit article and photo together. Articles without photos may or may not be considered for publication. No black and white photos will be accepted.

At the end of your article, feel free to include your email and website.

By submitting your article, you are acknowledging that the article is not plagiarized and that it is an honest experience. By submitting your article, you are further acknowledging that you agree to have your article to appear in one of three categories: The Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, on the website, and perhaps in a book of articles collected that will be entitled, "Yes, I Can Make A Difference! For Others Facing Breast Cancer." Articles that you wish to submit for the book can be between
50 and 1500 words.

By submitting your article, you acknowledge that your article may or may not be accepted for publication.

Please email article and photo to before July 15, 2008.

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