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Smoothing The Way to Spring

January 31, 2008
by Annet King, The International Dermal Institute

February seems like the icy heart of winter, but here’s the good news: the Vernal Equinox (the official start of spring) is really only a few weeks away. Now’s the time to prepare skin for sunnier, warmer days ahead. 

What makes winter weather so depleting to the skin is not simply the low temperatures—it’s the chill combined with low humidity. Cold, dry air dries out our lips and hands immediately, and your face may feel taut, rough and papery. The key to repairing winter’s damage is to exfoliate sufficiently so that moisturizers can work effectively—but to avoid overexfoliating in the process, which may result in irritation and inflammation.  

TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS – The gentle approach is definitely indicated for winter-weary skin, and this means steering clear of harsh chemicals. As a skin care professional, I advise against the use of Glycolic Acid. Instead, look for products which utilize Lactic Acid, which is proven to be more effective and far less irritating. The use of Lactic Acid in a cleanser medium may be less abrasive to compromised skin than a harsh, gritty, abrasive scrub. In fact, Lactic Acid is a key ingredient in Dermalogica’s new AGE Smart ™ SKIN RESURFACING CLEANSER combines cleansing with exfoliation. Consult with your professional skin therapist to determine if this product is appropriate for your skin, and whether to use it once a day, twice daily, or less frequently.  

TAKE YOUR VITAMINS --  Perhaps it’s an urban myth, but many people swear that they boost their immune systems by taking extra Vitamin C, especially when winter cold-bugs are making the rounds. What is not an urban myth is the proven power of Vitamin C in the form of Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) to revitalize the skin. Dermalogica’s unique AGE-Smart™ MAP-15 Regenerator lightly exfoliates and smoothes skin texture with White Tea, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Algae Extract and Phospholipids, while delivering 10% MAP in the form of a superfine powder which melts into a velvety fluid emulsion upon contact with your skin.  

WARM-WEATHER TIP--  With the coming of spring weather, it’s time to refresh your sun care products. The shelf-life of UV protection products is one year or less, so do your skin a big favor and discard your tubes from last summer – they are no longer offering the protection your skin needs and deserves.

And make a point of using these products even when the sun is not blazing. Skin care professionals agree that UV protection is needed year-round during daylight hours, even indoors and when driving!  As with many good things, sunny spring days must be enjoyed responsibly.


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