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Check Up Crazies, a poem by Linda Mae Richardson

August 3, 2009
by Vicki Tashman

The "Check Up Crazies" it sounds like a game.
But the rules are all different and never the same.
It's time for a checkup from cancer, you see--
"Will I be in remission - or more chemo for me?"

The "Check Up Crazies" an appropriate name
Given by patients who feel much the same.
Lab tests and scanning, perhaps ultrasound--
The doctor is expert at probing around.
Searching for cancer each month - perhaps three
Although it's important it terrifies me!
I'm cranky and grouchy is what they all say--
When I'm getting closer to my checkup day!
The Check Up Crazies, now what does that mean?
Irrational thoughts, fears and hopes it would seem!
Fearing the worst, but hoping for best--
Complaining and begging- and finding no rest!
The Check Up Crazies - "quite silly," you say?
Well, perhaps you would like to fill MY shoes today?
For you'd find all your positive thoughts bound by fear--
As you grumble at family and those you hold dear!
And when your day's over, the "waiting" begins...
Perhaps it's a day or a week without end.
Waiting for test results - what will they be?
What will the doctor's first words be to me?
The "Check Up Crazies" - it's never a game!
And when it is over, you're not quite the same.
For it's part of my life - a "survivor" you see!
And whatever results - "life" is God's gift to me!
by Linda Mae Richardson

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