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Eating for Your Lifestyle

October 13, 2007
by Janice Baker, M.B.A., R.D., CDE, Registered Dietitian

If you have decided on your nutrition goals and know what you are supposed to reach them, congratulations!  But how do you keep up with healthy eating habits in the “real world”?   With our busy lives, here are some tips to help you keep on track:


  1. Choose restaurants wisely.  Most restaurants will work with you with special requests if you ask. Even fast food restaurants cooperate with special orders.
  2.  Look for fresh ingredients, lightly cooked and have sauces on the side.  Ask for vegetables and grilled meats, chicken or fish to be prepared without added butters, which can sneak in significant amounts of calories to an otherwise healthy meal.
  3. Be prepared to share meals if possible, since portions sizes in most restaurants are usually enough for two adults per entrée.
  4. Most airline food is high in fat, sugar and salt.  Order a special meal ahead of time if possible, or bring along a sandwich, fruit and water. 
  5. Bring along small boxes of raisins and unsalted nuts for healthy snacks on the road that will pack well.
  6. Packing your lunch for work and school helps you control weight and save money  A peanut butter sandwich and a piece of fruit is a perfect meal!
  7. Even if you are single, take time to cook and freeze individual servings of healthy and nutritious foods.  Use frozen vegetables for convenience and variety.
  8. Eat at a table, not standing up.  You will be more likely to eat slowly, which is better for your digestion and tends to make you eat less.  Not eating while watching television or at the movies will help you avoid ingesting excessive calories.  Movie theater popcorn- even without the butter – is a huge load of salt and fat.

Keep focused on you nutrition and exercise goals, and you will have wonderful results!


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