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Have you ever felt like your life is out of balance???

August 5, 2007
by Lianne Avila, MA, MFT

Here Are A Few Tips To Help Put The Zest Back In Your Life

       Release negativity

Journal, exercise (walking, yoga, Pilates) guided imagery, spa day, massage.  Talk to a caring professional such as a counselor.

       Look at the stars

Take time to relax everyday (10 minutes of deep breathing 2x/day). Spend time with those you love everyday. Spend time in the sun or at the beach. Call in sick when you are really not sick.

       Practice gratitude

Keep a gratitude journal everyday.  Focus on what you have rather than on what you do not have.  Life is too short to let it slip away, focusing on the negative. Remember to embrace the good times!!! 


I wish you a happy and hopeful future.


Lianne Avila, MFT

Breast Cancer Survivor


"Happy people roll with the punches.  They know from experience that everything changes.  Today's good fortune may vanish tomorrow, today's crises may turn out to be tomorrow's good fortune."

Author Unknown


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