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Studies Announcements

Breast Cancer: Metastatic Stage 4

March 19, 2012
by Elliott Benson Market Research

 Paid Research Study for Ladies dx Metastatic Breast Cancer

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How does our Religious/Spiritual relationship affect Survivors

February 8, 2012
by Peggy Weng

I am completing a sociology honors thesis project on the relationship between religious and/or spiritual
coping styles and the quality of life of breast cancer patients and survivors.  I am interested in whether there are
any differences in religious and/or spiritual coping strategies among women of 2 different age groups
(age = or < 50 and age > 50) and how those differences potentially contribute to differences in quality of life
after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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Online questionnaire for women with metastatic breast cancer

January 26, 2011
by BCStudy

Seeking women with metastatic breast cancer to complete online questionnaire

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Cognitive Rehabilitation Study

December 13, 2010
by Barbara Kahn, Project Coordinator, UCLA

Were you recently treated for breast cancer?
Do you feel that you have problems with thinking and concentration since your breast cancer treatments?

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Breast Cancer and Quality of Life

June 28, 2010
by Siobhan White

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer or consider yourself a breast cancer survivor?

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Yoga and Breast Cancer

February 2, 2010
by Laura Boitano

The study I'm conducting is for my senior research thesis and is looking at the effect of yoga on the immune system of breast cancer patients.  I am currently recruiting patients on a rolling basis for both the YOGA and NON-YOGA groups.  I ask that patients in the yoga group participate in yoga at least two times a week.  They can participate at home or at a yoga studio.  If in the YOGA group, I will find FREE yoga near the patient's home.  Patients in the NON-YOGA group will simply have to answer survey questions bi-weekly over the phone or via e-mail about their health and cold symptoms (approx. 5 minute survey.)  Those in the yoga group will be asked the same questions.  The study lasts a total of four months once the patient starts.  Patients must have received chemotherapy within the last 2 years or are currently undergoing chemotherapy.

My contact information is or 631-838-1587.

I don't have a url link but I had an article written about my study over the summer and the link is below.

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“The use of Internet Cancer Support Groups among Asian Americans Living with Cancer (CASAA)"

December 4, 2008
by Vicki Tashman

“The use of Internet Cancer Support Groups among Asian Americans Living with Cancer (CASAA)" research study is being conducted by the University of Texas at Austin. 

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Request for Participation in a Brief Survey About the Internet and Breast Cancer Communication

July 8, 2008
by Steve Rains, Ph.D.

 Please consider participating in a brief survey about the Internet and breast cancer communication...

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Breast Cancer Survey for occupational therapy graduate students

March 11, 2008
by Jodi Glover

Greetings fellow pink link members. My name is Jodi Glover, and I am a graduate student in the occupational therapy program at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, PA. Myself, along with 2 classmates and a faculty advisor have been hard at work since August reviewing literature and developing a survey that explores how womens' roles and daily activities change when they are diagnosed with breast cancer. Each of the students in our research group has had an immediate relative who has survived breast cancer, and our faculty advisor is also a breast cancer survivor. It is a topic that is very close to our hearts, and one that is seen quite frequently by practicing occupational therapists.

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Recent breast cancer survivors needed

December 8, 2007
by Erin Donovan-Kicken

Researchers at the University of Illinois are working on a study to learn more about how women talk about cancer with their spouses/partners.

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Cancer Anxiety Study in Los Angeles

November 30, 2007
by Alicia Danforth, Study Coordinator and Recent Survivor

I coordinate a clinical trial for people who have metastatic cancer and anxiety. We are seeking one more volunteer who can participate in two treatment sessions in Los Angeles. This study is the first of it's kind since the 1970's to work with the novel medication, psilocybin, which is one of the ingredients in "magic" mushrooms. As a recent survivor, I have become fluent in "cancerese," so please contact me if you have questions. You can learn more about the inclusion/exclusion criteria by visiting (keyword: Grob)

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Sister Study

May 3, 2007
by Vicki Tashman

Women play many important roles throughout their lives—daughter, mother, and friend—but no relationship is as unique as the one between two sisters. Sister Study researchers hope the sisters of women with breast cancer can play another important role by helping discover how our environment and genes affect our chances of developing breast cancer.


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Volunteers Needed

March 28, 2007
by Vicki Tashman

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is on a mission: to eradicate breast cancer and improve the quality of women's health through innovative research, education and advocacy.  Through our research, we are working towards an unprecedented understanding of  where breast cancer begins—in the breast ducts—and we now have the tools to get there. The intraductal research holds the potential to expand our knowledge in way that will truly allow us to end breast cancer. That is why it is the focus of our research and that of the researchers we fund.


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