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I thought I was Not Good Enough

November 28, 2011
by Betty Andrews, Pink-Link member and Breast Cancer Advocate

I thought to myself, here I am a single grandmother and now I have Breast Cancer.  While I was always a little self conscience of my body, this did nothing for my morale.  How am I going to be able to meet, fall in love and marry my Mr. Right?  The cancer treatments I could handle, since I knew that at some point they would end and my new life would begin.

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Survivor pays it forward

October 6, 2011
by Rachel Pappas, founder of

This is a guest post written by Rachel Pappas, founder of
In 1995, Susan Rafte's sister danced to save Susan's life, literally. Now Susan is paying it forward. 

Not quite a year before Jane Weiner stepped onto the stage, her "little sister" was diagnosed with breast cancer. She was a mother of an eight-month baby, and living in Houston. 

"My sister was a professional dancer in New York and had wanted to use her art to help," says Susan.


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Sharing Feelings Helps Cancer Patients

August 31, 2011
by David Haas, Patient Advocate

According to clinical research, more people in the United States attempt to improve their health habits through self-help than in any other way. Support groups have become a powerful force for change in the 21st century, and evidence of their effectiveness is mounting. From cancer to weight loss, people are meeting regularly to share their stories and listen to others. 

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Twist Out Cancer

August 31, 2011
by Vicki Tashman, Founder

Many newly diagnosed patients wrestle with the fear of what it is like to lose their hair. Sam’s song is about empowering Cancer survivors so that they can learn to embrace the physical changes that inevitably coincide with Cancer treatment. 

We are currently looking to film a music video for 99 problems with the hope that this will eventually go viral. Our intention is for International Cancer Organizations and Hospitals to use this piece as a way to help educate, raise awareness and lift the spirits of those affected by Cancer.

We are looking for all types of Cancer survivors including those that are currently in treatment. 

We will be filming in Los Angeles on October 14th and 15th.  

If you are interested in being cast in this video please contact Jenna Benn.


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Bronzers - the ONLY healthy tan!

June 27, 2011
by MaryAnn Gervasi-Ramos, Pink-Link member

Summer time is here!  Every one of us would love to have that SUNKISSED look naturaly BUT, the downside to that is getting sunburned which is definitely NOT COOL! Keep in mind the only HEALTHY tan is a FAKE tan! 

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Exfoliation for that luminous appearance!

April 28, 2011
by MaryAnn Gervasi-Ramos, Pink-Link member

Exfoliation. We have all heard this word before but what does it really mean and why do we need to do this? 

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Getting a Bright Look for our Skin

April 6, 2011
by MaryAnn Gervasi-Ramos, Pink-Link member

Spring is in the air. The Sun is bright and the flowers are blooming. How can we get that fresh, dewy and bright look for our skin?  It so easy now with all of the brightening products on the market these days . One of my personal favorites both before and after I started chemo is a BRIGHTENING PRIMER. Most primer products go on your skin after you cleanse,moisturize BUT before you apply your makeup. They even have tinted primers now, so many of my clients forgo their makeup altogether in the summertime and use only the primer!

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Perfect Pout for Valentine's Day

February 1, 2011
by MaryAnn Gervasi-Ramos

Valentine's Day is right around the corner ladies and this is the time of year that we find our lips so dry and  peeling. So, then how are we going to get that "PERFECT POUT"?   It is so easy when you follow a few simple steps.

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It's a New Year and a New Beginning!

January 3, 2011
by Mary Ann Gervasi-Ramos, Makeup Stylist

Here’s a few tips for women who are experiencing  hair loss due to chemo or radiation.


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Holiday Eye Makeup ideas

December 2, 2010
by MaryAnn Gervasi-Ramos, Pink-Link member and stylist

Howdy my fellow pink sisters, Jingle Jangles are in the air, and Glitter and Glam are on your eyes...Here are some fast and easy tips to ROCK that Holiday eye.

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Life Cycle Health Center

February 2, 2010
by Ellen Rudolph, Executive Director

It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of our first Life Cycle Health CenterTM, an integrative, patient-centered medical practice in Sherman Oaks, CA. Our new Center serves cancer patients, their families, and caregivers, providing holistic therapies based on natural healing traditions - especially Chinese medicine. Life Cycle is open to anyone seeking quality holistic care. We have created a serene healing environment and built a team of some of the best-trained acupuncturists and healing arts professionals in their fields who treat a broad range of health conditions. 

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Oncotype DX assay: Is it Right for You?

January 31, 2010
by Cheya Pope, Genomic Health

Have you recently been diagnosed with early stage, hormone-receptor positive (HR+) breast cancer?  Are you struggling to make treatment choices?  Then you may be interested to know that each woman's tumor has its own unique biological make-up, and that not all women benefit equally from the same type of breast cancer treatment.  If you are a woman with this type of cancer, the Oncotype DX® breast cancer test can help you and your physician decide whether or not chemotherapy may be beneficial in addition to your hormonal treatment. 



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Exercise for Women with Lymphedema

January 4, 2010
by Gail Pekelis, MA, PT, CLT and Jodi Winicour, PT, CMT, CLT-LANA

For decades, many doctors have warned that lifting weights or heavy groceries may cause the onset of arm swelling in women at risk for lymphedema, such as those recovering from breast cancer surgeries including lymph node removal. Common medical advice has included avoiding the use of the "at risk" arm to lift toddlers, garden, lift weights or scrub floors.  Thousands of women have been afraid to get back to their usual activities following these surgeries because of this type of advice that lacks medical evidence. Individualized exercise programs have been an integral part of therapeutic rehabilitation for breast-cancer treatment recovery and lymphedema for years, but support of this clinical knowledge in the literature has been difficult to find. We are pleased to report on 2 recent studies that help to support the participation of supervised gradually progressive exercise programs. 

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Tightness and pain under the arm

November 10, 2009
by Gail Pekelis, MA, PT, CLT

In our physical therapy practice we have observed patients experiencing Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS).  These are women who have undergone axillary lymph node dissection (ALND), who are experiencing post operative pain and limited range of motion associated with a palpable web of tissue extending from the affected axilla into the ipisilateral arm.


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Assessing and Treating Lymphedema

June 8, 2009
by Gail Pekelis, MA, PT, CLT

Lymphedema, as previously stated, is a swelling of a body part from the abnormal accumulation of protein rich edema fluid in the affected area.  In post breast cancer, lymphedema can develop in the affected arm.  If lymph nodes are removed, there is an increased risk of developing lymphedema.

This 2nd article on lymphedema will present current assessment and treatment options for lymphedema.


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Addressing Lymphedema

May 14, 2009
by Vicki Tashman


In a three part series of short articles, the following information about lymphedema will be examined.


This first article will define lymphedema, the risk factors and provide some helpful suggestions for self-education and care.


Article II will discuss assessment and treatment options for lymphedema.


Article III will discuss Axillary Web Syndrome and its presence with or without lymphedema. This condition may appear following axillary node dissection.

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Managing Stress

February 1, 2009

An illness such as cancer can be one of the most stressful events of a person’s life. The stress of cancer and its treatment is increased by family, work, and financial concerns, in addition to everyday stress that was present before the cancer diagnosis.

Stress has not been shown to cause cancer; however, chronic stress may weaken the immune system, causing other health problems and decreasing feelings of well-being.

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In Pursuit of Par – The Golfer’s Edge

November 5, 2008
by R. Toddy Jadoo

What does a golfer need most to win his/her game? New shoes? The best irons? A great swing? A brand named golf course? All of the above?   To execute a perfect swing a golfer must have oxygen-filled muscle groups. This means lean, pliable, flexible muscle groups especially in the core (abdominal muscles). This will power muscles for the duration of the game. Tight muscle groups are as detrimental to a golfer’s scores as playing with a broken arm.

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Raising Money for Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk

October 5, 2008
by Jerzgirl

My Name is Anne and my family has been hit hard by cancer. I've had 2 grandparents die of cancer and my father is currently fighting prostate cancer. Two of my aunts are breast cancer survivors so I decided I want to give back help find a cure.
I'm hoping to participate in the Susan G Komen 3 Day walk in San Diego, CA in November. Registered walkers agree to raise a minimum of $2,200 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust Breast Cancer Fund, in order to walk. It's a lot to raise, in a short time, but I'm determined.
If I don't make enough for the November walk I will continue to raise money and participate in the July 2009 walk in Boston.

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Special BC Awareness Month pricing on ReForma prosthetic nipples!

September 17, 2008
by Marsha Adams

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, ReForma is offering a special promotion to introduce the lifelike ReForma Prosthetic Nipple. Effective September 15th through October 31st, 2008, the ReForma Prosthetic Nipple, usually offered at $95 per pair, is being made available at only $59 per pair.

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Exercise for Cancer Survivors: Getting Your Life, and Your Body, Back After Treatment

September 7, 2008
by Amanda MacMillan for

Pink-Link physical trainer, Sami Papacek-Reis, was interviewed by Amanda MacMillan for Read the article to learn more about how and why breast cancer survivors need to exercise, before, during and after their treatment.

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I Can Make a Difference!

June 4, 2008
by Beverly Vote

You are invited to share how you make a difference in the world or how someone has made a difference for your healing quest. We each make a difference, every single one of us, and each caring act is no less important than any other. The more we acknowledge how we make a difference, the more we bring awareness how we each help each other within our communities, within our environment, and within our world. Awareness is a vital key to moving forward to build a world without breast cancer. Please feel to submit your own experiences and invite others to submit their experiences. 

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Journal for Healing

January 6, 2008
by Leah Carey

A group of women stand on a bare stage in northern New Hampshire, pink handprints on their t-shirts marking a story where there once was a breast. They are ordinary women, telling a story of courage and determination that would be extraordinary, if it weren’t so heartbreakingly common.These women are here because they had the courage to write about their journey through and beyond cancer and then perform their words on stage for family and friends, the medical community, and anyone else that chose to brave the snow and ice of a New Hampshire winter to join us. I am privileged to be their guide in this process

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SCAR Project

November 4, 2007
by David Jay, photographer

My name is David Jay. I'm a professional fashion/beauty photographer recently moved to New York from Sydney, Australia. I wanted to share with you a project I've started recently. It is called The SCAR Project, a series of large scale black and white portraits of young women surviving beast cancer.

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Be Safer with everyday wellness products

April 25, 2007
by Cathy Cozier

 Everyday Toxic Products – And What They Can Do…
You can have safer everyday products in your own home!!!! As a Cancer survivor of 16 years, these products have been a wonderful change in our use of toothpaste to laundry detergent and bathroom cleaner. Do you know what is in your products? check this out...I'm happy to share with you

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