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We want to help you keep informed of Pink-Link breast cancer announcements. Check back frequently to keep up to date.

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Clothing Announcements

Beautiful Veronica Brett Swimwear Summer 2011 offer

June 6, 2011
by Vicki Tashman, Founder

Pink-Link is thrilled to introduce Veronica Brett, a new line of luxury swimwear created especially for women who have had breast cancer.  Yes, it is possible to look and feel great in a swimsuit again, even after breast surgery.  

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No More Night Sweats!

July 31, 2008
by Vicki Tashman

Carol, from CoolJamaz, contacted me about their fantastic new product to help women curb their night sweats. I bought one of their night shirts, thinking, "How can this help?" But, I was very pleasantly surprised! I have been sleeping through the night ever since! I asked Carol to write a short article about her pajamas for the Pink-Link members. If you'd like to buy one, you can enter a code at checkout and Carol will donate $1 to Pink-Link! Please click below to read what she wrote.

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